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SLUMCHILD (SlumNation)


#iboogiedigital #newartistsnewmusic #NANM


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SLUMCHILD digital press kit (DPK)

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    "WIN" - SLUMCHILD | Hip Hop / Rap

    Checkout SLUMCHILD and his new single from the City Heist EP, "WIN" IG@s.l.u.m.c.h.i.l.d #iboogiedigital #NANM

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    About - SLUMCHILD

    SLUMCHILD is that artist that comes around only once. A true total package, he like a gangsta hustler gumbo with a little knowledge of self sprinkled in, a lot of rhyme skills mixed with some flow, deliver and some front line solidier sauce rounds it off, Check the single single out "WIN" (New Artists. New Music.) #NANM


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"WIN" Slumchild

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